December 17, 2013

Last Minute Holiday Deals

I know I should be posting recipes, but I couldn't help but announce some last minute holiday deals.  As Amazon continues their cyber week (going on all month, likely into January like last year) daily deals which can be found here:

There are a couple of items today that might be worth checking out. I'm not sure if the deals can be had by clicking on the product links below, but they are definitely valid by browsing the daily deals on the link above.  First, going on sale at 4:40pm (EST) is this portable high top bar:


Basically it's a high table that has a shelf and a skirt that goes around the front.  It comes with a black skirt, a football skirt, and a tiki skirt.  While Amazon never reveals beforehand what the savings are going to be, I'd guess it will probably be selling for at least 10% off.

Next up is a book that has been reviewed on this site before, and has apparently won some awards since.  Winner of the James Beard Foundation award and an IACP Cookbook Awards Finalists (which is funny since it's not much of a cookbook, more a reference), Sandor Ellix Katz's The Art of Fermentation goes on sale tonight at Midnight (EST) on Amazon:

Again, I'd expect at least 10% off, maybe more for this one.  There's not a lot of soda information in this one, but what it does have is quite unique and this is very handy for anyone looking to make soda (or anything really) via fermentation.

What's more, both of these items are eligible for free shipping via Amazon Prime.  My wife just signed us up for a free trial on this, mainly for the instant streaming (which we do through the Wii)  At $79 a year, it seems pricey, but it works out to be about the less than Netflix or Hulu Plus, though admittedly, there's not as much content.  But the bonus is the free 2-day shipping, which is absolutely awesome for holiday purchases.  Nothing is worse than ordering something online and never knowing when it's going to show up, or waiting forever for it to plop on your doorstep.  

Not everything on Amazon is eligible for free shipping, but a lot of things are.  If you don't believe me on how awesome the free and quick shipping is, then it's free to try for yourself for 30 days.  So you can still order stuff online and get it before Christmas! And you thought it was too late!  Give it a try.

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