Why Ads?

Blogging is not my main form of income, so why ads?  Basically, I need a way to fund my hobby.  It's how I can justify buying a bunch of special equipment to make soda.  The ads can be annoying, I know.  But they do keep the blog a little more maintainable.  I don't expect to ever get rich off of blogging or soda making, but I do want to continue bringing great recipes using great ingredients.  Hence the ads.  I've tried to be responsible in placing them and I will never require or even ask anyone to click them for any reason.  I've also tried my best to tailor the content to my audience so that they will at least be somewhat useful.  If there is anything there that you find offensive, let me know and I will do my best to rectify the situation.

In full disclosure, I'm also an affiliate for Amazon and may generate a commission if you buy something from them via a link I provide.  I won't ever advertise random products, only things that I think would be great to have for furthering your soda making skills or are in any way related to soda or beverage making.  Occasionally you may see some banners for Amazon, usually around the holidays when they have good deals.  I place these because they really do have some interesting deals there, so I want to share them.  Earning a small piece of commission from that is pretty much just a bonus for me.  

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