January 10, 2012

Ball Lock Keg O-rings For Sale

The Homemade Soda Expert is pleased to offer ball lock keg o-rings for sale!

When buying used pre-mix soda tanks, some of the seals are in less than perfect condition.  I opened my own up recently and found the dip tube o-rings to be kind of gunky.  I just needed the dip tube seals, but it seems that no-one really offers just those.  I'd have to buy a whole kit, and you don't really find savings on ordering multiple kits.  The lid o-rings tend to hold up rather well, so I don't anticipate needing one for some time.  The bottom line is that I saw a number of needs that needed filled.  Now I'm glad I can fill them. 

Available for sale are full kits of Buna-N o-rings which include one lid o-ring, two post o-rings, and two dip tube o-rings.  These are all the seals on a keg.  I am offering one kit for $3, two kits for $5.50, three for $7.75, or four for $10.  Not a huge savings at each step, but in this economy, every little bit helps.  These fit ball lock kegs, I don't have any pin locks, so I don't feel comfortable selling pin lock kits just yet.  Maybe in the future when I have something that I know I can test them on. 

Because the dip tube o-rings are the first to wear out, followed by the post o-rings, I'm offering smaller kits as well.  That way you don't end up replacing a perfectly good lid o-ring if you don't need to.  A pack of post and dip tube seals with enough for 5 kegs or a pack of just dip tube seals for 10 kegs are each $3

You will see a paypal button in the sidebar that will be there permanently. 

These will also be available on ebay, if you're worried about a blog not being a secure market place.  Look for supramansquee as the seller.

I hope to be able to offer other products in the future, I don't think this will ever bloom into a full blown homebrew store, but I'd like to maybe sell some bottle caps and other items eventually.  Comment below if there's anything you'd like to see sold here.

January 5, 2012

Syrup Review: Master of Mixes Cocktail mixes

So every time I pass the beverage aisle at the grocery store, I see the cocktail mixes and think, "A piña colada soda would be really tasty."  So my birthday rolled around and I thought it would be a great time to put it to the test.  We picked up a bottle of piña colada mix and a bottle of strawberry margarita/daiquiri mix. 

Regrets are usually prefaced by "It seemed like a good idea, at the time" 

So, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I think this, and the coconut flavored La Croix I had over the holiday have kind of turned me off of coconut for a while.  I seem to still be ok with coconut and lime together, but on it's own, or apparently with pineapple, it doesn't seem to go down as smooth.  I think it reminds me too much of lotion. 

Aside from the coconut flavor, I do have some problems with the Master of Mixes.  There's an off flavor in each of the mixes I bought.  It's almost a salty flavor that I can't quite put my finger on.  The body of this syrup is great, for syrup.  I'm sure it works great blended with ice, but it just doesn't mix well with seltzer.  It sinks even with some agitation.  With enough agitation to get it blended, you lose your carbonation rather quick.  The strange thing to me is that one of the first ingredients listed is HFCS, but for how thick it is, it doesn't seem to be very sweet.  I can't quite figure that one out.  The coconut cream certainly is not water soluble, so it leaves a bit of a bubbly sludge on your glass.  The strawberry is made with real strawberries, which is always a good thing, but I know my kids don't like the sediment.

I think that I may try some other brands of cocktail mixes, but the Master of Mixes is definitely off my list.

So the Master might be mixing up some tasty cocktails, but as for soda, that's best left to the experts. Not to toot my own horn or anything.
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