May 11, 2012

SodaStreams at Walmart

I know some people come here looking for SodaStream recipes, so I thought this news would be welcome to those folks.

News was released this week by the San Francisco Chronicle that SodaStream will be selling it's products at Walmart.  While they have been available at places like Kohl's and Bed Bath and Beyond, they reportedly want to be selling in supermarkets, and Walmart is the first step in that direction.  (Even though Walmart is technically a hypermarket, if I'm not mistaken.  I guess it makes little difference.)

So if you don't have a Kohl's or Bed Bath and Beyond, and you do have a Walmart in your area, you will be pleased that you will no longer have to order online.  I wonder what type of deal they've worked out with Walmart on CO2 refills.  I'm still of the mind that their proprietary refill system is too ridiculously costly. 

The San Francisco Chronicle hints at the Walmart announcement being a factor in their stock prices rising, but MSNBC reports otherwise,

"The company may have only seen a 15% increase in the number of starter systems it sold, but the higher-margin CO2 refills and soda flavors were up 29% and 52%, respectively. Soda sippers were also willing to pay more for all three products."

Read as: Price hikes and higher margins on consumables equals higher profits. Yes, they're raking in money on the CO2, for sure.  I pay about $1/lb for mine, which I could nearly cut in half if I had a larger tank, but to fill their 14.5oz cylinder, I think the cheapest I've seen is about $14 with an exchange.  So it looks like the only way I'd buy a sodastream, is if they had a 95% off coupon for their CO2 refills.

But I guess there's a certain charm to having a carbonator on your kitchen counter, so if you're looking for a Sodastream, keep your eye out at Wally World.

Update 6/4/12 : I didn't think it would be so soon, but I have seen basic Sodastream kits at Wally World for $79. I'm guessing that's nationwide.  They also carry the syrups, I'm not sure the pricing on those.  I'm not sure what their plan is for CO2 refills.  Probably similar to Bed Bath and Beyond.

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