September 27, 2013

Hacking Home Soda

It's been a while since I posted anything, so I decided to dig up a story that I found a while back from the NY Times just to keep things going.  I'll have some more recipes sometime soon, I promise.  I've been bogged down with other projects lately, but I'm almost ready to jump back in to recipe development.

As much as I dislike the SodaStream for it’s faddish image and overpriced CO2 refills, I do have to recognize that this little gadget is what has brought many recipe seekers here to the blog.

A few months ago, I found this article from the New York Times to be a confirmation of what I already know, and that people are wanting more out of their home carbonators, despite the big void stamp it puts on the SodaStream’s warranty once you carbonate other beverages. 

It is precisely this challenge that almost entices me to pick one up.  iSi certainly isn’t as concerned about their siphons having issues with other liquids in them, but then again they're not connected to as large a CO2 supply as the SodaStream is. Not that it can't be changed , but that's probably another warranty issue.

In related news, Green Mountain Coffee, creator of the Keurig, has apparently filed for copyright status on the name Karbon with intentions to make their own home carbonator.  With their aim to have a K-cup brewer in every home, it will be interesting to see what happons with the Karbon.  People have been reusing/hacking their K-cups for a while now, and even commercial refillable cups are available at big box stores.  I'm guessing whatever this Karbon machine is, it will definitely incorporate some sort of single serve function that I'm sure someone will want to hack right out of the gate.  I can only imagine something similar to a post-mix fountain with individual syrup cartridges of some sort.  I'm guessing that if they can get something that can carbonate more than just water, they can win over a number of disenchanted or rogue SodaStream-ers that want something more.

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