In the spring of 2006 I had a discussion with a friend. His comment to me was that we needed to start a business. Basically, he didn't want to work for someone else. He wanted money, and short of winning the lottery or inheriting from an imaginary wealthy relative, neither of us was going to get large chunks of it anytime soon. Which led to a business; working for yourself, being your own boss cutting your own paycheck.

Remembering the glory days of high school and watching local bands play at tiny little venues in college towns, I thought that's where we should start. But living in and being a part of a conservative, religious community that frowned on alcohol, I wanted this place to be a sort of lounge where high school and college students could all come and hang out - a soda bar. I was convinced that we could do well making our own flavors and combinations beyond what was offered at the standard convenience store soda fountain. I thought we should also do our own ice cream to complement it. To persuade my friend that I had novel ideas that were worth something, I asked him the question why no one had done something wild like grape ice cream. Before I could get too carried away, that's where he ended the conversation and convinced me that I needed to switch my major to a degree in food science.

Which leads me here. Since that discussion I have interned at a flavor company and completed a B.S. in Food Science. Also I have found out that running a business is not my thing, luckily I didn't learn that the hard way. I now do product development for a frozen foods company, but still want to meddle with flavor and beverage. My friend with whom I had this discussion has passed, but there still remains in me the desire to share with others my creations, and if I can make money from it someday that will be an added bonus. Until then I hope you all enjoy the fruits of my labors and a nod to my late friend as I detail my progress in becoming the Homemade Soda Expert.

Currently the blogging is a bit slow.  I have started the arduous process of writing a book for all to enjoy.
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