June 20, 2012

National Ice Cream Soda Day

Nothing like a tasty butterbeer float
to celebrate Ice Cream Soda Day.
Rumor has it that today, June 20th, is National Ice Cream Soda Day.  I'm not sure who declared it as such, and there seems to be some confusion on the web as to whether it's June 20th, June 30th, or Aug. 2nd.  (I've seen a mention of Aug. 2nd being National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which if you read it too quickly might be confused with ice cream soda.  So I think that's out as the official day.)

I tried finding out where this originated, and all I got was a history of the ice cream soda, and Wikipedia has some interesting alternative names for specific types of ice cream sodas.  I'm not sure I agree with their inclusion of butterbeer, though. 

So, who decides when a day is a Day? (note the capital D)  Anyone, apparently.  There are official federal and religious holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, President's Day, etc.  Those would be days where you get off work.  Then there are federally recognized observances, some are declared by the president and some by congress, such as Flag Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc.  Those days are sometimes celebrated, but not usually as important as "holidays".  Then there are Days.  Nothing official, just a day that someone, somewhere, at some point in time, decided to declare.  Sometimes you'll hear about it on the radio, sometimes you'll see it on a blog, and sometimes you'll see it as a marketing gimmick.  Ice Cream Soda Day is one of those Days in the third category.  So, with that in mind, even though it's not official, I have a keg of root beer and a keg of butterbeer and some ice cream, and we're going to celebrate ice cream soda day anyway. 

So I have no reference to why it's celebrated, or who decided that we even should, but on this day, raise your sticky, frosty, foamy glasses high.  Here's to you Mr. Green, self proclaimed inventor of the ice cream soda!

Save some room for Root Beer Float Day, Aug. 6th.

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