May 1, 2014

Making Soda at Home - Book Updates

I really must apologize for the lack of recipes lately.  There's a lot going on right now, and I did put a lot of recipes into the book.  Speaking of...

I promised updates, and the time is fast approaching for my book - Making Soda at Home: Mastering the Craft of Carbonation to be released.  (Currently that date is July 15th, but with publishing it is subject to change.)

It's up for pre-order at just about anywhere that sells books. The link above is for purchase directly from the publisher, but they also have links to all your favorite online retailers.  I have links below as well.  There's also a Goodreads page where you can add it to your "Want to Read" list to get more information on releases and giveaways.
I know it's tough to lay down cash for anything that won't show up for another couple of months, but here are some reasons that pre-ordering is an awesome idea:

10. It's an investment in yourself.  Pay for it now, and then by the time it shows up in the mail, you'll have forgotten about the expense and it's like getting a surprise birthday gift! It always feels so good to get something fun in the mail.  And it's not even your birthday! (Unless of course it does happen to be your birthday, and in that case, Happy Birthday!)

9. No standing in line at the store.  Ok, so I'll admit that I'm probably not famous enough to have people lining up outside the bookstore on the release date, but if you go to the store, you'll likely have to stand in line at the checkout, so why bother.

8. Freedom to order from anywhere you'd like.  This is not an exclusive.  This is up for pre-sale just about everywhere. See the links below for a number of places that all have it up for pre-order right now.

7. It fuels excitement.  I'll be honest, I do want my book to sell well.  But more importantly than that, making soda is my passion, so if I can see that other people are passionate about it, too, then that makes me happy.  It gives me more reasons to create and post recipes.  It's a win-win.  I get to feed my self-esteem, you get more recipes.

6. Giveaways! I'll be running a blog tour at some point (probably August), so if there are pre-orders on the table, other bloggers will take note and be more likely to review the book and with that occasionally comes giveaways.  Hopefully we'll have more to give away than free copies of the book, so there is reason to pre-order and still participate in the giveaways.

5. Timeliness.  The sooner you have this in your hands, the sooner you'll be making the 40+ homemade soda recipes that it contains for summer cookouts.  Summer is a busy time, so why not let it just show up at your door as soon as possible.

4. Planning.  Using fresh fruits in your summertime sodas is a great idea, and there are plenty of recipes that use them.  Remember that they're seasonal.  So if you want to get this in time to pick the right berries for your Mixed Berry soda this summer, pre-order is, again, the best way to make sure you have the recipes in your hands before the berry seasons are over.

3. Updates. Want to be sure to stay on top of updates?  Pre-ordering will get you the latest up to date information and a sure way to keep tabs on what the publication status is.

2. Book Plates.  Basically, this will be a way to turn your pre-order copy into an autographed Special Edition. Who doesn't like special editions?  I'll be signing a limited number of book plates for people who have pre-ordered the book.  Stay tuned for more details, but you don't have to pre-order the book within a certain time period to get one.  As long as you can show a receipt or proof of pre-purchase once we announce the book plate giveaway, you're good.  So you might as well get one now, and then jump on it once the announcement is made.

1. You save money.  Most of the places where the book is available for pre-order have it at a discount.  Typically that discount disappears upon release, so don't wait too long.

Pre-Order from any Online Retailer:
Qbookshop, IndieBound, Indigo, Barnes & Noble icon, Amazon , Powell's, Walmart icon, BooksAMillion, Bookish,
Outside the U.S.
WHSmith (UK), (CAN), Fishpond (AUS), Blackwell's (UK), Bookworld (AUS), SpeedyHen (UK),

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