February 25, 2011

Recipe 4 - Banana Cream

I keep forgetting to post this, even though it was something I made quite some time ago. Similar to the chocolate, it was less than perfect, though decent if you adore true banana flavor. I don't have any pictures at the moment, it wasn't much to look at.

1 Banana
2 cups of sugar
1 tsp vanilla flavor
add to:
1 gallon carbonated water

The recipe is basic. Mash the banana, add some of the sugar and some water and start to simmer. I strained the pulpy mash through a sieve. If I hadn't been so impatient, I would have pureed it beforehand, simmered it and then strained it through a coffee filter. But instead I had little floaties in my syrup. Consequently, there were little floaties in my finished soda, too.

It tasted like freshly mashed banana, of all things. Imagine that. I wanted it to taste like banana cream pie, hence the vanilla. I found myself missing the cream and the pie portion.

Again this is another one that could use more development and feedback.


  1. Is the cream really part of the flavor, or is it the mouthfeel? When you say you missed the pie portion, do you mean the slightly salty, nutty flavor of the crust? I may try this.


  2. Laura,
    Both the cream flavor and mouthfeel are lacking. And yes, by pie portion, I do mean the crust flavor.

  3. Maybe add some lactos?

  4. I used 4 bananas instead of one, more vanilla extract and a dash of milk. It is delicious...

    1. It sounds great. Did you have any issue with sediment from the banana?


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