February 21, 2013

Come Taste 2/23 at Brewerie!

This Saturday, Feb. 23rd, Brewerie is hosting it's annual FeBREWary Brewers Cup Homebrew Festival.  I guess it used to be a competition, but they figured that's not really what homebrew was all about, so it's a come-one, come-all celebration of homebrew with attendees voting on their favorite for the People's choice awards.

Back in December I asked them if they had any room for homebrewed sodas and they said they would love to have me as their first ever non-alcoholic participant and they said they thought it would go over quite well.

So, if you want to taste some of my recipes, here's what I'll have on tap:

-Fist Bump Root Beer - Caramel malt with a touch of molasses blend well with sassafras extract, burdock root, wintergreen and vanilla.

-Fist Bump Ginger Ale - A simple recipe using subtle ginger paste and a kick of lemon juice.  Featured in last summer's Quick Kegging Recipes post

-Lime in d'Coconut - One of my all time favorite recipes also featured on my Quick Kegging Recipes.

The leftovers will be available for tasting at our church's variety show later that evening, along with some other recipes made special for the event:
- Banana (soon to be posted)
- Lemon Mint Cooler
and a full keg Cherry Limeade Soda. (soon to be posted)

I'll post an update after the weekend is over with pictures.


  1. Those were some great sodas @ the Brewers Cup. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Doug! I'm glad you got the chance to come taste!

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