List of Recipes with Notes

Lime in 'd' Coconut Soda Recipe
-A pleasant mix of Lime and Coconut.  The coconut water can be omitted, but it does round out the coconut flavor, even though it doesn't have a strong flavor of it's own.  Works great even in large batches.

Watermelemon Soda Recipe
-Tastes like a watermelon.  It's a little rough for a finished recipe, could use something more to boost the flavor.  Consider juicing the watermelon through a coffee filter, otherwise there tends to be some bright red sediment that settles out of the soda.  There's not much color otherwise.

Chocolate Soda Recipe v1.0
-Flavor fades quickly.  Needs some work, and looks like dirty dish water.  Syrup tastes great though.  Looking for some feedback on this one.
-Version 2.0 Chocolate Cream Soda This is the best version so far.  The vanilla really adds something great. Steeped cocoa nibs and Watkins Chocolate Flavor really take you away from that dirty dish water color.  I've been asked to bottle and sell this, but I'm not quite ready for that yet.

Banana Cream Soda Recipe
-Flavor fades quickly.  Needs lots of work, I'd puree the banana if I were to do this again, and increase the sweetness if I could.  Lacking in creaminess to call it Banana Cream.

Peaches N' Cream
-A bit pulpy, yet smooth overall taste.  Contains milk, so it's not one that I would carbonate with yeast or leave at room temperature.  Peach flavor fades slightly if you heat the syrup too much.  Better than I expected.

Strawberry Ginger Ale
-The strawberry blends well with the ginger, and makes for a very refreshing beverage.  An ice cold one would be perfect for a summer afternoon picnic.

Apple Pie Soda
-Subtle cinnamon sediment at the bottom, but the flavors blend very well, not to strong, not too mild.  Increase the brown sugar a bit from this for more of a dessert-like flavor.  Would be great as a float, a la mode!

Strawberry Rhubarb
-These two flavors complement each other nicely, though subtle with this recipe.  This is a naturally flavored and colored homemade soda, which I know will please a lot of people.   I'd say the strength of the flavors in this recipe are analogous to the lemon and lime in a Sprite or 7up.  Subtle, but not lacking.

Chocolate Twizzlers
-Not an exact match, but reminiscent of the candy.  I don't know many people who are absolutely in love with the candy, so I don't expect a warm response for the soda.  This was more of an experiment to see how much sediment you'd get using cocoa powder.  Quite a bit of sediment as it turns out, but not as annoying as I originally thought unless you let it sit too long, then you have to shake it a bit before drinking, which is never good for a soda.

Ginger Ale/Ginger Beer
-This is something I've been wanting to do for a while.  I really enjoy making things completely from scratch.  This recipe has no artificial flavors, it's all natural.  You can adjust the level of ginger and lemon according to what style you want.  This recipe is between ginger ale and ginger beer, a bit spicier than ginger ale, but milder than ginger beer.

Harry Potter's Butterbeer v1.0 v2.0
-I've always been intrigued by the entire world that J.K. Rowling created, particularly the food.  Caramel malt is what makes this butterbeer rather than butterscotch.  Getting the sweet/salty mix is tricky without ruining the beverage.  Version 1.0 is a work in progress, any comments or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. 
Version 2.0 is much better with the addition of a rum flavor to round it all out.  My wife touts this as my greatest creation yet. 

Root Beer
-This is a classic.  This recipe uses real roots and herbs along with some extracts to get a well rounded flavor.  If you have access to sassafras, that's what this recipe is designed with, substitute extract if you can't get your hands on the real roots.  The flavor is a bit more bold than what you get commercially, but there is plenty of vanilla to round it out.

Mountain Dew/Sun Drop Clone
-While I'm not a Dew drinker, I do know that some folks who are would really like to know what's in it other than the caffeine that many people drink it for.  (Yes, there are flavors in there, too!)  I have yet to get the lime/orange/lemon balance right, but I figured if I posted it, others could help me with that.

Halloween Root Beer
-I'm pretty sure this is a staple at church halloween parties.  A basic extract recipe, but the post has some tips for carbonating with dry ice.

Holiday Ginger Bread Soda
-Perhaps trying to emulate Jones Soda's infamous Jones Holiday Gift Pack Soda flavors, (I'm glad they didn't go too far out on a limb for 2011), I do enjoy holiday flavored anything, especially beverages.  I love the concept of trying to capture memories, feelings, and sensations in a flavor.  So it wasn't a conscious effort to copycat them, this has been in the works since 2008.  This is best with minimal molasses and steeped spices.

Sanguinella, AKA Blood Orange
-I was ecstatic to find some quality blood oranges at Walmart of all places, so I purchased an entire bag.  After eating one every day and finding I quickly had only three left, I juiced them and made a syrup.  I've done similar recipes with other citrus fruits before, and this seems to be a pretty good ratio.  One could probably boost the flavor by steeped some zest with the water for the syrup, but I wanted to go straight juice.  Not quite as good as what you'll find in Sicily, but that's kind of a long trip just for Sanguinella.

Lemon Water Soda (Homemade Sprite/7up)
-Nothing refreshes like a crisp clean carbonated beverage.  This clone version of 7up/Sprite/etc. omits the lime, but still refreshes.  Clean, simple, easy, flexible.  It's hard to ruin this soda.

Paris Lemon Mint Cooler
-The tartness of lemonade and the cooling mint make this downright refreshing.  Great for summer cookouts.  Also works well with added fruit flavors.  Add mint leaves or frozen berries for a beautiful presentation and added flavors.

Holiday Sparkling Cider
-Adapted from a recipe from my friends at Everyday Art, this adds in cranberry to the mix for an awesome holiday treat.  Just the right tartness from the lemons and cranberries, with apple and ginger to round out the flavor.  Needs to be force carbonated, but may be adapted as a SodaStream recipe.

Cherry Fresca
-An introduction to diet recipes, this brings the flavors of cherry and grapefruit together for a tasty treat without a lot of sugar.

Homemade Cola
-While it's a far cry from a recipe for homemade Coke or Pepsi, this recipe with spices and extracts brings together common ingredients and gets that unique flavor that is characteristically cola.  Source some Food Grade Phosphoric Acid for a more authentic cola taste.

Fruity Banana Soda
-Using a banana flavoring and some citric acid gives a nice clean banana flavor that tastes like fresh fruit, not a cooked syrup that tastes like banana bread.

Cherry Limeade Soda
-In my opinion, Cherry Limeade is one of the tastes of summer.  This uses real lime juice and a cherry extract to get that nice refreshing balance of cherry and lime.

Crushed Melon Soda (Jones Soda Clone)
-I was a fan of Jones Soda in its early years, back when they had flavors like Happy, Pink, and  Now they're more mainstream.  One of their tastier flavors was crushed melon, and this recipe seeks to capture that.  Using watermelon, honeydew and canteloupe will get you quite close to the original.

Jamaica Sunrise
-The flavor of the traditional agua fresca Jamaica mixed with some added orange juice for the "sunrise" portion.  Though some can't get past the foreign concept of drinking flowers (hibiscus), those that do find this an exceptional flavor combination.

Psych Soda - Roasted Pineapple
-Smoked Malt provides the roasted/grilled notes while pineapple juice provides the fruitiness.  Increase the pineapple juice to taste or add other fruits for more tartness.  Roasted Pineapple garnish is optional.

Psych Soda - Jamaican Jerk Cola
-Thyme, allspice, and chile peppers add a unique tang to the other traditional cola ingredients traditionally found in Jamaican Jerk seasoning.  If you really like Caribbean food, this one's for you.  If you're not sure about the thyme, stick with a regular cola.

Grape Lime Rickey Soda
-This is a clone of the Arizona Grape Lime Rickey, or at least an approximation of it.  There's is a little more "candy grape" flavor, whereas mine uses juice to get a more "true to fruit" grape flavor.  This is a great grape soda for people who don't like grape soda.
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